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      The UFO Vase is the perfect mixing of the handmade and contemporary, for anyone searching for an aesthetic alternative. With a unique design, it can be used both indoors and outdoors as a flowerpot or on your coffee table. The UFO Vase stands out thanks to its circular shape and…

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      This unique goblin mug is handcrafted from white clay and glazed, creating a decorative work of art. Its detailed design will delight any lover of fantasy. This would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves goblins, or wants to bring Tolkien’s world into their home.

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      Inspired by organic shapes and the beauty of nature, our Makia Wave Small Bowl has been finely crafted from white clay to create a stunning serving or display platter. Perfect for serving nuts, olives or cheese at dinner parties, this contemporary piece will add a modern touch to your kitchen…

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    • gorgon-platter Εκτός στοκ

      The Gorgon platter is an exquisite work of ceramic art. Handcrafted from white clay, it features a gorgeous mix of intricate carvings, unique glaze and powerful polychrome design. It’s perfect for serving appetizers for your next dinner party or presenting fine fare at the most luxurious of holiday gatherings. Size…

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      Bullheaded large Bowl is a creative addition to your home. It is made of durable, hard-wearing white clay, which is glazed with a brilliant and shiny finish. The small size makes it easy to store anywhere in your home. Size Height: 5 cm Diameter: 14 cm Weight: 233 gr Materials…

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    • AMAC006 detail 1 160xAMAC006 02 160x Εκτός στοκ

      Bullhead ceramic cups by Alexandra Manousakis with a humouristic take on the bull motif. A reference to the mythical Minotaur, Minoan art and Picasso, these beautiful cups are a smart approach to serving your favourite drink.

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    • BLACK-AND-WHITE-JUGAMAC005 01 160x -30% Off

      The Black and White water jug is both functional and beautiful, making it a wonderful addition to any home. Handpainted in Crete by Alexandra Manousakis, the black abstract shapes create an interesting and fun accent in the room. Size Height: 21 cm Diameter: 12 cm Weight: 1.1 kg Materials White…

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    • makia-small-bowlmakia-small-bowl2 Εκτός στοκ

      Our natural collection is part of our new limited edition series which uses red clay from Crete. Our new Makia bowl is perfect as a set or as a serving piece for spreads like tzatziki, fava or taramosalata. It can also double as a bedside jewelry dish.

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