“Alicia Shirt (Black Flowers)” Hemithea



Elevate your style with our Alicia Shirt, a fashion statement that combines comfort, elegance, and versatility in one stunning piece. Crafted with a discerning eye for detail, this shirt is designed to enhance your wardrobe and effortlessly complement your unique style.

Floral Elegance: Our oversized shirt features a striking floral pattern against a timeless black base, creating an eye-catching design that’s perfect for any occasion. The flowers add a touch of natural beauty to your ensemble, making you stand out with grace and charm.

Airy and Flattering Fit: Designed to suit all body types, our shirt boasts an airy, long silhouette that flows gracefully as you move. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to confidence with a fit that feels as good as it looks.

Effortless Style: Fasten up the front with easy-to-use buttons, ensuring a secure and stylish closure. The oversized sleeves with two buttons on the cuff offer a customizable fit, allowing you to roll them up for a more relaxed look or keep them down for a formal touch.

Ease of Wear: We’ve thought of everything. With a side opening, this shirt provides easy wearability, saving you precious time as you effortlessly slip it on. No more tugging and adjusting – just pure comfort.

Unique Details: Embrace the small collar that adds a dash of sophistication to your outfit. Plus, the light scratches on the back lend a subtle edginess, giving your look a touch of personality and uniqueness.

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