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      Two ways to dress the  Magnolia bodysuit off-shoulder or on the shoulder.This beautiful design is  a fashionable item with special characteristics, it is made of a soft cotton for absolute comfort. With Manoglia  bodysuit stay stylish and charming.High west denim for a night out or sporty leggings for a weekend.

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      Jasmine bodysuit is the most fashionable item for this season.A luxurious  polo style that with a classic collar and special buttons make it loved by every women.The Jasmine body is designed to fit all body shapes, creating a smooth silhouette.

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      The  bodysuit you will need this season! With Iris  bodysuit you will feel sophistication and sexy at the same time. It is made of a silk jersey with  excellent quality. This bodysuit has a feminine silhouette to accentuate your curves with absolutely no pressure, let Iris hug your body naturally…

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      Sophisticated, sexy and elegant, the Champaign Bodysuit is your best choise. Made from our iconic veloute lycra, cut asymmetrically with sexy mesh cut out details, it can be styled up for a glamorous night out or down for a casual chic look.

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      Midnight is the bodysuit we all should have this winter.It is an elegant piece and gives you the chioceto show off your personal style and mood.Is the essence of sensuality and you combine it with any wide leg trouser, as well as with a velvet skirt and complete the look…