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      This eye flower orange mixi skirt is perfect for any occasion. It can be worn alone or with a top of your choice. Your look will be complete by adding a pair of festival flip flops and some layered necklaces. It’s great for everyday wear or this weekend! gypsy, mixi skirt – eye…

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      A maxi dress with a knitted fabric, in a loose cut. The orange colour is the favourite. Simple and elegant!   one size Mixi Front button closure Notched lapel Semi-transparent ruffled sleeves Oversize fit Belt included 100% Cotton Dress length: check size chart Pattern uniquely designed for Karavan Clothing Machine wash…

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      A wardrobe staple for every season, this printed wide dress is a statement piece that you’ll want to wear again and again. Handmade in Greece, this dress features an A-line silhouette that flatters all body types.

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      Ananke’s viscose wide orange dress has a beautiful, flowing shape. It is handmade in Greece and can be paired with any number of shoes or boots this season! Add two strands of pearls for a nice layering effect, or go for bold studs, both for a glamorous evening look!

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      The Ananke skirt is sure to be a summer staple. Handmade in Greece from a soft viscose fabric, the wide skirt sits at the knee and has a ruffled hemline that makes this piece incredibly feminine.

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      This ruffle orange top is one of a kind, handmade in Greece by Ananke, 85% Viscose, 15% Pa. This pink ruffle top will make you look like a princess! It is perfect for spring and summer.

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      The perfect pair of shorts for every occasion, from the beach to a summer party. They are made in Greece, with 100% cotton fabric and handmade to ensure their comfort

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      Model’s Height: 1,73cm , wears Small 100% cotton

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      Model’s Height: 1,73cm , wears Small 70% polyester 30% viscose

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      Model’s Height: 1,73cm , wears Small 100% cotton

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      Model’s Height: 1,73cm , wears Small 100% cotton

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      Model’s Height: 1,73cm , wears Small 100% cotton