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      This eye flower orange mixi skirt is perfect for any occasion. It can be worn alone or with a top of your choice. Your look will be complete by adding a pair of festival flip flops and some layered necklaces. It’s great for everyday wear or this weekend! gypsy, mixi skirt – eye…

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      A maxi dress with a knitted fabric, in a loose cut. The orange colour is the favourite. Simple and elegant!   one size Mixi Front button closure Notched lapel Semi-transparent ruffled sleeves Oversize fit Belt included 100% Cotton Dress length: check size chart Pattern uniquely designed for Karavan Clothing Machine wash…

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      This maxi, sleeveless knitted dress in green colour is made by karavan clothing. It features a round neckline and a fitted bodice with elasticised cuffs! maxi, sleeveless knitted dress – orange/green one size Maxi dress 70s queen Spare belt included From day to night Stripes is a fashion statement And being…

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      A wardrobe staple for every season, this printed wide dress is a statement piece that you’ll want to wear again and again. Handmade in Greece, this dress features an A-line silhouette that flatters all body types.

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      Ananke’s viscose wide orange dress has a beautiful, flowing shape. It is handmade in Greece and can be paired with any number of shoes or boots this season! Add two strands of pearls for a nice layering effect, or go for bold studs, both for a glamorous evening look!

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      The Ananke skirt is sure to be a summer staple. Handmade in Greece from a soft viscose fabric, the wide skirt sits at the knee and has a ruffled hemline that makes this piece incredibly feminine.

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      This ruffle orange top is one of a kind, handmade in Greece by Ananke, 85% Viscose, 15% Pa. This pink ruffle top will make you look like a princess! It is perfect for spring and summer.

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    • df1d4f a30ca216b3844c3881eb39b13a63c151 mv2df1d4f 510072a36b5e4f5a948f8ff453dcd916 mv2 Εκτός στοκ

      The perfect pair of shorts for every occasion, from the beach to a summer party. They are made in Greece, with 100% cotton fabric and handmade to ensure their comfort

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      The UFO Vase is the perfect mixing of the handmade and contemporary, for anyone searching for an aesthetic alternative. With a unique design, it can be used both indoors and outdoors as a flowerpot or on your coffee table. The UFO Vase stands out thanks to its circular shape and…

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    • goblin-jug Νέο

      A modern interpretation of a classic, the Goblin Jug is a graceful vase with a slight decorative flare at the base. Exclusively handmade in white clay glazed in dark navy and burnished gold, this sculptural piece is highly collectable.

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      This unique goblin mug is handcrafted from white clay and glazed, creating a decorative work of art. Its detailed design will delight any lover of fantasy. This would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves goblins, or wants to bring Tolkien’s world into their home.

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      Our column plate is perfectly suited for a minimalist kitchen or dining room. The pure white porcelain glazed exterior and subtle bevels are sure to fit seamlessly in any modern setting. Whether you’re serving just yourself or your whole family, this smooth, angular bowl is the perfect size for any…

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